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picnic lunch
about us

 We have various menus from a choice steak to a lunch suitable for child
and the tuna sashimi is direct from the Tsukiji .
Please use Sepia to various banquets, the congratulations party or
memorial service ,a year-end party ,a new year party ,
the neighborhood meeting ,conference etc.

*The banquet photograph of the opening movie has few dishes.
Because models  have eaten before taking a photograph.
   This is "Steak dom"
Put it on top of the rice tender steak. And eat a special sauce.
There are1,050 yenand 1,800yen.
This is a steak wasabi.
It eat dipped in wasabi sauce with sliced​​ steak.
It is asepiasignaturehors d'oeuvres.
Variousfoodhas beencondensed.
This is for thebanquetin the houseor outdoors.


Domburi history
In the latter half of Edo period, early in the 18th century, a man
named Okubo,who invested in the growing new theater business.
He loved eel and had some delivered to the dressing room every day.
At first the eel and the rice were brought in separete containers,
but he thought that if the eel were brought that if the eel were  
buried in hot rice it would stay warm and be easy to eat too.    
He ordered it that way, so the first domburi dish was made and  
it was eel called eel domburi.                        
Many Japanese like eating viands with rice.therefore we devised  
the steak bowl which joined the Japanese cuisine to Western cuisine.
It's named "Steak dom" We recommend a Steak dom of 1,800 yen.
                              (correction by athena)

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